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Published June 2001
ISBN 0-9700326-6-8
Dimensions: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
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168 pages
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Categories: Christian living, biblical criticism, alcohol

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God Gave Wine
What the Bible Says About Alcohol


For the past 200 years Americans have been told that biblical teaching forbids the drinking of alcoholic beverages. But does it?

In this greatly revised and expanded version of his controversial book, The Christian and Alcoholic Beverages, Kenneth L. Gentry Jr. takes a thorough look at the issue, concluding that Scripture allows wine to be consumed both for health and pleasure—but in moderation.

By careful lexical, exegetical and theological examination, God Gave Wine demonstrates from the Bible the error of those who demand either prohibition or abstention. With the backdrop of Psalm 104:14-15, Gentry shows that wine is God’s blessing to man.

Written in a pleasing and irenic style, Gentry’s approach avoids the common pitfalls of emotionalism, cultural conditioning and ecclesiastical tradition, while remaining distinctively biblical.

"An irrefutable study that ought to put an end to the controversy. Only the severely prejudiced reader would reject Gentry's clear presentation of the Bible's teaching. Must reading!"
The Discerning Reader

"Without losing his characteristic irenicism, Gentry does a wonderful job in demolishing the pretensions of abstentionists.... Every American pastor needs this book."
Douglas Wilson, Credenda/Agenda

"While I don't want to offend my dear brothers who hold the anti-alcohol position, I sincerely cannot conceive of a credible refutation to Gentry's well-honed, exegetical argument."
P. Andrew Sandlin, Center for Cultural Leadership

"To ask the question, 'What does the Bible say about alcohol?' in today's evangelical church is brave enough. To answer the question just as honestly is walking where angels fear to tread. With God Gave Wine, Gentry shows himself to be fearless!"
Dave Lescalleet, Veritas Review

Kenneth L. Gentry Jr. is an ordained Presbyterian minister who has served in both the Presbyterian Church in America and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. He is presently the Dean of Faculty and Professor of Systematic Theology at Westminster Classical College in Elkton, Maryland. Besides his continued work with Bahnsen Theological Seminary, he also serves as Assistant Pastor at Christ Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Elkton. He and his wife, Melissa, have three children, Amanda, Paul, and Stephen.

Published June 2003
ISBN 0-9700326-0-9
Dimensions: 5 x 8
Trade paper
216 pages
Coverprice: $16.95
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Categories: History, alcohol, Christianity

Drinking With Calvin and Luther!
A History of Alcohol in the Church


Have a pint with the Puritans?

Luther, Calvin and Zwingli—these men are better known for their theology than their taste in beer. Charles Wesley and George Whitefield—these men are known more for their witness than their wine. Prepared to learn something new?

In this completely revised and expanded version of his underground classic, Rev. Jim West takes you through centuries of Christian history, looking at the role alcohol played in the church during the Protestant Reformation, in the American colonies, into the time of Charles Spurgeon and beyond.

With humor and wit, West winds through time showing in generation after generation how God's saints have enjoyed his many good gifts in reverence, thankfulness, and moderation.

"You will not only furrow your brow over exegetical profundity as you read, but will split a gut over historical hilarity."
R.C. Sproul Jr., from the foreword

"Absolutely a 'must-read.'"
The Discerning Reader

Jim West is pastor of Covenant Reformed Church in Sacramento, California. A graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary, he currently serves as associate professor at City Seminary of Sacramento and has written many influential books and pamphlets in the areas of Christian courtship, covenant, and baptism. His articles have been published in Table Talk, Modern Reformation, Westminster Theological Journal, Banner of Truth Magazine, The Chalcedon Report, and The Reformed Herald.